Our mission is to sell GOOD GEAR for a GREAT CAUSE — to support, fund, connect, and empower local-difference-makers worldwide to sustainably meet basic needs for a brighter future. That’s why our vision is Sustainable good, locally led. What does that look like? Well, there are two parts: funding and partnership.

First, funding. A “social enterprise” is a business with a purpose. Our site offers what we refer to as “good gear,” including clothing, accessories, and home goods. All our items feature positive, truthful, and inspiring messages, as well as local artists’ works from around the world. When you shop at GoodWorksGear.com, you help fund our not-for-profit org, which develops on-the-ground, first-hand relationships with vetted, local difference makers who are under-resourced, yet doing amazing work, all around the world.This is the partnership piece. These local leaders, mostly women, run soup kitchens, domestic violence shelters, homes for the abandoned elderly, foodbanks, tutoring programs, orphanages, and so much more. They have the knowledge, grit, and passion it takes to make real, sustainable differences in their lives. What they don’t have are the tools, funds, connections, and resources they so desperately need to make a sustainable impact. That’s where you come in. Your purchases and donations help local leaders with proven track records do more good, and do it well. One last important point; we are against the kind of mission work that swoops in with a colonial mindset. We are learners, partners, and most importantly, supporters, centering and empowering local leaders. This is the most important thing to know about who we are, but click here if you would like to know more.